Thursday, May 11, 2006

Odds & Ends

Over the Hedge: Last night Tysen & I went to a free screening of Dreamwork's newest animated film, Over the Hedge. The movie was very cute, although I had a hard time laughing at some of the funny moments because all the kids in the theatre were busting out laughing, and then I felt the moment wasn't as funny. But, overall the movie was cute and had a good moral message about family.

Also, while at the
theatre, there was an abundance of security inside the room where we were watching the film. There were 3 guys in suits, and at least two of them had on earpieces, and they kept roaming the theatre during the movie. We actually thought they were going to come and say something to us because we were eating outside food inside the theatre, but nothing was said or done during the course of the movie. Then, after everyone had cleared out, the men started checking the rows with flashlights. It was all quite strange. My guess is they were there to help protect someone who was attending the screening as part of this big 'NPC' group that was there, but I really don't know. And, the security definately wasn't part of the movie theatre secuirty, as that guy had on just a red button down dress shirt and a name tag. These other men were more ominous.

YTIC: So, maybe you are wondering where I get these free movie screening passes. Well, there are several sites out there, but you usually have to wade through all the movie screenings in other cities to find the ones that pertain to Washington, DC. Well,
one site has compiled most of the free screenings for the DC area. You have to sign up for the service, then apply for different contests in order to win the free screenings. The only downside I've noticed is that you get your winning notice at the last minute, and you have to login to the site to find out if you've just a few hours before the screening, so you have to be willing to make plans to attend at the last minute. So far out of the three movie contests I've entered, I won tickets to 2 of the movies, and only attened one screening, as the first movie contest I won, I didn't see that I had won until the day after the screening.

Name Change: So, one of the most frustrating things about getting married is making sure you change your name on all your formal IDs, papers, and bills. During the process of changing my name, I've found it interesting that each place you need to change your name, the system is different and they require varying amounts of information. For example, when I changed my Social Security Card, I had to take my birth certificate, marriage license, old SSN Card, to the social security office. When changing over my credit cards, I just made a simple phone call and everything was done over the phone without any proof. When changing my cell phone, I had to fax my marriage license to them along with a statement of outlining my name change request. In all, these changes were free, they just took some time to either call, fax, or visit the office. So, my newest name change endeavor involves changing the name on my professional engineer-in-training license. In order to change my name, I must write a letter spelling out the name change, include a copy of my marriage license, PAY $25, and mail the letter to GA so they can print me a new sheet of paper with my new name. I feel that paying them to change my name is ridiculous, as I spent some $100+ dollars to suffer through an 8-hour test, and now they want more money just to change my name. Does it really cost $25 to spend 5-seconds changing my last name and printing a new copy of the license, then add $0.39 for the stamp to mail it back to me. So, now I wonder what's the harm in having the wrong name on my EIT license? I guess it will hurt me in the end when I apply for my PE license, so I guess I should change my name, but still, I'm feeling ripped off by paying $25 for a name change when all my other name changes have been free!


Anonymous Ashley said...

Oh, man, all that name changing sucks. I'm glad I kept my maiden name for another reason now. Do they charge you if you get your certificate reprinted? They shouldn't charge more for a name change than they do for a re-print in my opinion.

3:35 PM  
Blogger ami said...

I was lucky - I married someone with the same last name! But all of that DOES seem like such a pain, and it's ridiculous that they make you pay like that.

I checked out the YTIC site. It's cool - but it does seem like a pain like you mentioned. I doubt I'd ever remember to check the site to see if I've won anything!

7:05 AM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

Yes, name changing does suck, but once it's complete its fine. Besides, I'm very happy with my new last name. Not nearly as plain as my maiden name!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Dan Morehead said...

They were probably making sure that no one was illegally filming the movie in order to sell bootlegs.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

Dan - Thanks for visiting. Good point, I hadn't even considered that option.

12:51 PM  

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